2015 TIAA Annual Meeting

May 17, 2015 | News

More than 120 members and guests attended the 16th Annual Meeting of the TI Alumni Association at the Dallas Arboretum on May 14. The meeting, held in Rosine Hall near the entrance to the Arboretum, began with a reception and social period. TIAA President Larry James called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm and presented an overview of the Alumni Association, covering membership and financial status, as well as events and activities. He also thanked the Arboretum staff for hosting the event and noted this is the third time our Annual Meeting has been held at this venue.

The Association currently has over 1600 members, almost half of whom have chosen the Lifetime Membership option. Larry also noted that almost one-third of our members have elected to include their spouses on their membership, making it even easier to attend various TIAA activities together.

He also encouraged members in the audience to tell their former TI colleagues about the Association because over the years, TIAA has found that members themselves are often the best recruiters of new members.

Larry shared photos and details of certain 2014 TIAA activities and events. Altogether, the organization hosted almost 50 different events attended by over 1900 members and guests.

After highlighting select upcoming events, Larry thanked the various TIAA teams who organize these events and also the Communication and Website teams for the fine work they do in communicating and publicizing these events. He highlighted the effort and investment that had gone into the new TIAA website and discussed some of its features and benefits for members.

He then introduced Trisha Cunningham, TI’s Chief Citizenship Officer, and the featured speaker at the event.  TI’s emphasis on good corporate citizenship traces back to the middle of the last century and Trisha briefed the audience on the company’s commitment to accountability for its social, environmental and economic impact around the world. TI has a truly enviable reputation for its emphasis and success in this area and continues to win many awards and recognitions.

The meeting concluded with the election of the following officers for the fiscal year that begins July 1, 2015: President – Larry James, Executive Vice President – Tom Boedecker, Treasurer – Kate Newman and Secretary – Dorothy McAllister.

Shortly before the meeting adjourned Max Post recounted the strong ties TI has to the ground on which the meeting was held, the former Everette Lee DeGolyer estate. DeGolyer, a legendary oilman, was the silent partner who put up the money to found Geophysical Service Inc. in 1930. GSI was the original company from which Texas Instruments evolved.  “Mr. De” willed his estate to the City of Dallas. Today, TIers and the TI Foundation continue to make important contributions to this Dallas jewel.

Members and their guests then toured the beautiful gardens, including the new Children’s Adventure Garden. At the conclusion of the day, buses departed to return those who parked at the Texins  and South Dallas pick-up points.

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TIAA Members can view Larry’s and Trisha’s presentations by clicking here.  (You must be logged in to view it.)