Dallas Federal Reserve Bank Tour on January 17, 2018

Jan 18, 2018 | News

The subfreezing temperatures didn't keep 20 hardy TIAA members and guests from registering for a tour of the Federal Reserve Bank in Uptown Dallas.  Their building was finished in 1992, has 17 floors and contains a vault full of money that is loaned to other banks in the 11th district.  This area includes parts of southern New Mexico, Texas and upper Louisiana which explains why, when Houston called right after Hurricane Harvey and said "We need $500M", Dallas could say "Send the armored truck tomorrow — it will be ready."  We cleared security without a hitch and took a very interesting 90-minute tour full of visual displays and interacting exhibits.  We learned that the Federal Reserve was signed into law in 1913 and has 12 districts. When asked, our tour guide only confirmed that the amount of money in their five-story vault began with a "B" (later defined as "bunch".)  Each of us left with a bag of cash money, too; however, it had been shredded three times and was just a nice momento of our visit.  As usual, we concluded with lunch — this time at Cheddar's — before returning to TI. A slideshow of this event is available by clicking here.  Please join us on one of our adventures.