Dallas Main Street Architectural Tour on March 21, 2019

Apr 5, 2019 | News

On March 21, TIAA took a trip to downtown Dallas for our walking tour and it worked out well as our guide was a young architect who led us down Main Street and up Commerce Street pointing out buildings, who designed them, when they were built, what they originally were used for, and architectural features of the building. With a number of historic buildings built for banks or oil companies, it was easy to see the importance of these industries to Dallas. Many of the old buildings have been converted to residential use. The tour guide ended the two-hour tour where it began, the Main Street Garden and our bus driver transported us back to One Main Place where we entered the Dallas underground mall. All of us ate in the food court, picking out the type of menu we liked; and, after lunch, some of us attempted to explore the tunnels. Near the food court there are a few shops, but beyond these the tunnels were like hallways that went toward the lower level of office buildings or to elevators/escalators to the surface.