Jerry is one of those rare, native Dallasites.  He graduated from Crozier Tech and became a surveyor for TxDOT (laid out parts of Loop 12) before his mother told him TI was looking for a few employees.  He joined TI in 1957 at Lemmon Avenue in the silicon manufacturing process and worked on his B.S. in Math, with tuition help from TI, until he graduated in 1968.  He held several management positions in the Materials Division and then transferred to the Chemical Department in 1975.  He retired in 1996 after almost 40 years.  He and Ronnie have been married 49 years, became fully accredited American Orchid Judges in 1980 and judge orchid shows all over the world.  He has seven daughters and two sons (one deceased) and enjoys researching, hybridizing and growing orchids during his retirement.