Helping at White Rock Center of Hope

Feb 23, 2017 | News

White Rock Center of Hope opened in 1988. Over the years, what began as a food pantry has evolved to include a clothes closet, a place for financial assistance and a resale store that helps fund the organization. The center is not affiliated with any religious organizations, though they do have church groups that volunteer. White Rock Center of Hope relies heavily on volunteers. On average, about 255 regular volunteers will spend more than 40,000 hours stocking shelves in the food pantry, helping in the resale store or working the clothes closet. On January 12, several TIAA members joined the food distribution director in packaging canned vegetables, meat, and pastas into sacks ready to be handed out to supplement client’s weekly grocery needs. The rest of our members participated in the clothing distribution area helping the regular volunteers sort sacks of clothing onto racks ready for clients to select gently used clothes for their families. After a fun-filled morning of work and time to socialize with each other and the many people that came through the facility, we went next door to Sali’s restaurant for a great Italian lunch.