House Moving Museum Tour

Apr 22, 2017 | News

Inquisitive minds (a.k.a.TIAA members) wondered how you actually move a house.  So 11 of us boarded a brand new Echo bus and traveled to Fort Worth on Tuesday, April 18, to find out.  H.D.Snow, owner and operator of the House Moving Museum, spent 90 minutes describing how this is accomplished, showing us the various equipment needed to do just that and answering lots of questions.  He started moving houses with his father at the ripe old age of 12 and has relocated more than 1,500 different structures over the past 45 years — including a 400-ton lighthouse in South Carolina!  Each move is different, must be mapped out carefully ahead of time, involves a lot of cooperation with city officials and utility companies and may require that some tools be created especially for that move. You might have seen his latest project (the next day!) via TV news as an historically-designated house in Grapevine was eased around the corner and two miles down the road.  If you missed it, click on this WFAA link.  Please consider joining us on other interesting events.