TIAA Financial Seminar on April 26, 2017

Apr 28, 2017 | News

On Wednesday April 26th, TIAA members were treated to a seminar that focused on a variety of financial topics.  First, they were given an update on the status on the economy by Financial Advisor Lisa Calloway.  This included an update on last year's presidential election and the potential impact the new administration's policies could have on different industries such as healthcare, energy, infrastructure and real estate.  We also heard from Financial Advisor Steve Combest about the Department of Labor's new fiduciary rule.  This rule was designed to ensure that financial advisors make decisions that are best aligned with their clients' interests.  Finally, our day concluded with a  presentation from Tod Almquist, an estate planning attorney who offered guidance on wills and medical directives.  He also gave an overview of the probate process in Texas and explained why a living will may not offer you and your family significant benefits which would justify the cost of preparing the living trust.  The 78 TIAA members in attendance were excited to be armed with this financial knowledge and to be better prepared to face their financial future!