TIAA joins Dallas Ramps in helping a retired TIer

May 7, 2017 | News

On April 27 nine TIAA volunteers arrived at the house of a senior who needed a ramp to increase his mobility.  The recipient turned out to be James Lewis, a TI retiree with 35 years of service who retired in 1991.  He was a locksmith and worked in the North Building.  Probably many of us knew him especially if you were locked out of your office at some point.  In 2010 he lost his balance, fell and broke his leg.  He recovered from this injury just to fall again!  With the lack of balance, he is pretty much limited to a manual wheelchair or walker.  His family requested a ramp be installed at their front door to allow easier access.  The TIAA volunteers spent a morning installing a 22-foot ramp.  With this ram in place, James can now more easily come and go.  His wife, Jeanette, also worked for TI for a time, until baby #2 came along.  She said the ramp will allow her to get him outside.  His nurse wants James to get more exercise with his walker.  She suggested Jeanette follow him with the wheelchair. This is another instance where the work of one morning has changed a family's life so quickly.  We were glad we could help, especially with James being a TI retiree.